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High strength copper gasket

Category: Copper thrust washer




High strength copper gasket, large copper gasket, corrosion-resistant copper gasket, wear-resistant copper gasket, environmentally friendly recyclable copper gasket. A high strength and wear-resistant copper alloy was prepared by mixing Al-Fe master alloy with excellent electrolytic copper as matrix according to the national standard. This copper alloy has high mechanical properties, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, can be welded, not easy to braze, inSeven hundredAir cooling at (?) C can prevent brittleness. It is generally used in important castings with high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. 


Product Name: large copper washer 

Material brand:ZQAl9-4Aluminum bronze 

Casting mode: centrifugal casting 

Product categories: large caliber copper gasket, wear-resistant copper gasketMaterial name: cast copper alloy


●9-4Aluminum bronzeBrand name: 


●GB/T 1176-1987GB/T 1176-1987 

●Chemical composition: 

CuThe rest 

Sn:Less than 0.3 (impurity)

Zn:Less than 0.4 (impurity)

Pb:Less than 0.2 (impurity)

Ni:Less than 3 (Not included in the sum of impurities)

Al:Eight point five~Ten

Fe:Two point five~Four

Mn:Less than 1 (Not included in the sum of impurities)

Si:Less than 0.20 (impurity)Note: sum of impuritiesLess than 1

●Mechanical properties: 

tensile strengthSigma B (MPa):More than 490Yield strengthSigma (MPa):More than 180elongationDelta 5 (%):More than 13hardness :More than 980HB (reference value)

●Heat treatment specification: heating temperatureOne thousand and two hundred~One thousand two hundred and fiftyCentigrade; pouring temperatureOne thousand and one hundred~One thousand one hundred and eightyCentigrade. 

●Casting method: centrifugal metal casting 

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