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Huixian Hengrui Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of copper, aluminum and non-ferrous metal alloy parts processing and casting. It is located in the beautiful tourist city, Huixian, Henan Province, 107 National Road and Beijing Hong Kong, Macao Expressway in the East, and 308 provincial road and Jinxin high speed Huojia Railway Station, and the location of the ground is extremely superior.

Our company has more than 10 years of production experience, including products including mining machine for mining machine, copper wire rod for friction press, wear-resistant copper bushing, copper tile, axle bush, turbine, slide plate, nut, high strength and high strength tin bronze, and is widely used in mine, oil, CNC, machine tool, elbow, purge, essence. Dense, engineering machinery, coal and other mechanical industries, the company's business throughout the country. And to undertake import and export company products, exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, Geneva, India, Spain and other countries, the customer's consistent praise, by the manufacturer as an excellent supplier.

The main casting methods:

Horizontal centrifugal casting (diameter 80-2000mm, weight 3-2000 kg), sand casting (0.3-2200 kg weight), coated sand dewaxing casting, metal mold casting, free dispersion casting, etc.

Main material:

Tin bronze:

ZQSn10-1,10-2,4-3,4-0.3,6-6-3.5-5-5 and so on

High lead tin bronze:

ZQPbD15-8,15-7,10-10,20-5 and so on

Aluminum bronze:

ZQAl9-4,9-3,10-4-4 and so on

Manganese brass:

ZHMn58-2,53-3-1,55-3-1 and so on

Lead brass:

ZHPb63-3,63-0.1,60-2,59-2,59-1,58-2.5 and so on

Ordinary brass:

H96, H90, H85, H80, H70, H68A, H68, H65, H63, H62, H60, and so on.

Beauty mark material:

C84200,C83600,C83800,C84400,C84500,C84800,C83300,C83450,C91300,C91000,C92500,C90700,C92700,C92900,C90500,C92600,C90300,C92300,C92200,C94000,C93700,C93400,C94400,C93200,C93800,C94500,C94300,C94100,C93500,C85200,C85400,C85800,C85700,C85300,C83400,C93700,C97400,C97600,C97800,C95200,C95300,C95400,C95500,C95600,C95800,C86400,C86500,C86700,C86200,C86300,C87300,C87600,C87500 and so on。

Cast aluminum parts:

6061,6063,ZL101,ZL101A,ZL102,ZL104,ZL105,ZL105A,ZL106,ZL107,ZL108,ZL109,ZL110,ZL111,ZL114A,ZL115,ZL116,ZL201,ZL201A,ZL203,ZL204A,ZL205A,ZL207,ZL301,ZL303,ZL305,ZL401,ZL402 and so on

Zinc aluminum alloy castings:

ZA303, ZA272, etc.

The company always adheres to the principle of "honesty first, customer first", which is regarded as the customer's high praise as the motive force, taking customers as the parents, constantly innovating, constantly absorbing the experience and lessons, and striving for better and stronger in the same industry.

Huixian Hengrui Machinery Co., Ltd. welcomes new and old customers to come to the factory to guide the purchase. We look forward to working with you to create a brilliant century.

Henan Heng Rui copper - your wear-resistant accessories expert!!!

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