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Copper bearing bush

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High lead copper axle bush, environmental protection recoverable copper axle bush. This product is based on excellent electrolytic copper, matches tin ingot and lead ingot in proportion to national standard. It has strong wear resistance and self lubrication. It can show excellent flexibility under the load of high speed rotating and swing movement. It is the first choice of high speed machine equipment. 


Product Name: high lead and copper bearing bush 

Material brand:ZQPbD10-10

Casting mode: centrifugal casting 

Product types: High lead copper bearing bush 


Material Name: Cast Copper Alloy 10-10 High Lead Tin Bronze

Brand name: ZCuPb10Sn10

Standard: GB/T 1176-1987

Chemical composition: copper Cu: the rest

Tin Sn:9.0 ~ 11

Zinc Zn: < 2.0 (excluding total impurities) Lead Pb: 8.0-11.0

Phosphorus P: less than 0.05 (impurity)

Ni: < 2.0 (excluding the total impurities) Al: < 0.01 (impurities) Fe: < 0.25 (impurities) Mn: < 0.2 (impurities)

Si: < 0.01 (impurity) Sb: < 0.5 (impurity) S: < 0.10 (impurity) Note: total impurity < 1.0

Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength sigma B (MPa): > 220 yield strength sigma (MPa): greater than 140 elongation [delta] 5 (%): > 5 hardness: > 685HB (reference value): heat treatment specification: pouring temperature is 1000~1100.

Casting method: centrifugal metal casting

apply Crusher Model and specification field 


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