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Zinc aluminum alloy castings

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High wear-resistant sleeve, High Aluminum Zinc-Based alloy, new composite wear-resistant material, environmentally friendly light wear-resistant material. 

1Strength, hardness and permissible pressure are similar to aluminum bronze, widely exceeding tin, lead bronze, and permissible speed is similar. It can completely meet the requirement of independent friction-reducing and wear-resisting parts such as bearing bushes. 

2It has strong affinity to lubricating oil, better self lubrication, and its metallurgical characteristics (low melting point, not easy to combine with steel shaft), so it has strong anti adhesion and more antifriction and wear resistance in use. 

3Low friction coefficient, less wear and tear, and therefore longer service life. Under the same conditions of use, generally in copper tiles.OneMore than double, thus reducing the procurement cost of accessories. 

4High thermal conductivity (ZZnAl27Cu2Mg lambda =125;ZCuAl10Fe3 lambda =59It has the advantages of fast heat dissipation, slow and low temperature rise of the grinding surface, and better protection for paired friction. 

5Low density of materials (ZZnAl27Cu2Mg Rho =5g/cm3The product quality is light (same type, same specification and light weight)1/3), the installation and maintenance are easier and more convenient. 

6It has high damping characteristics, noise reduction and noise reduction. 


Product Name: zinc base alloy shaft sleeve material grade:ZA272Casting mode: metal type 

Product types: wear-resistant bushing, new materialMaterial name: Casting


Two hundred and seventy-twoHigh aluminum zinc base alloy brand:ZnAl27Cu2MgStandard: 

GB/T 1175-1997Al




Zn The rest 

Fe:Zero point zero seven five 

Pb:Zero point zero zero six 

Cd:Zero point zero zero six Sn:Zero point zero zero three 

Mn:Zero point zero one 

Cr:Zero point zero one 

Ni:Zero point zero one 

●Mechanical properties: 

 tensile strengthSigma B (MPa):More than 420Yield strengthSigma (MPa):More than 310 (reference value)elongationDelta 5 (%):More than 8brudzinski hardness :More than 110HBS (reference value)

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