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Flange copper sleeve, wear-resistant copper sleeve, environmentally friendly recyclable copper sleeve. Using excellent electrolytic copper as the matrix, zinc ingot is mixed according to the national standard proportion to form wear-resistant copper alloy material. Ordinary brass, with good mechanical properties. This copper alloy has good mechanical propertiesAccording to the different kinds of alloying elements contained in the material, it can be divided into ordinary brass and special brass. Ordinary brass is made of copper and zinc, which is called ordinary brass. Special brass consists of two or more elements of a variety of alloys called special brass, such as lead, tin, manganese, nickel, iron, silicon and other elements. In the machining of mechanical parts and parts of automation equipment, ordinary brass is usually used instead. Precision machined parts with special requirements also use special brass! Ultimately according to the mechanical equipment parts on the drawing process requirements processing!


Product Name: flanged copper sleeve 

Material brand:H62National standard brass 

Casting mode: centrifugal casting 

Product type: wear-resistant copper sleeve Hardness copper sleeve, flanged copper sleeve 

Cu - 60.5 ~ 63.5% 

Fe -- < < 0.15% Pb -- < 0.08%

Sb -- < < 0.005% Bi -- < 0.002%

P - < < 0.01%

Zn - remainder

Sum of impurities: less than 0.5%

Mechanical properties

Tensile strength: (_b_ 2_MPa) 410-630 elongation: (_10_ 2_ 3_) 10

Vickers hardness: (HV) 105-175 (thickness < 0.3) Note: thickness 0.3-10

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