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Coal machine copper bush, wear-resistant self-lubricating copper bush, environmentally friendly recyclable copper bush. Using excellent electrolytic copper as matrix, tin ingot and lead ingot are mixed according to the national standard proportion to form high wear-resistant self-lubricating copper alloy material. In the absence of lubricants and water lubricants, it exhibits excellent sliding and self-lubricating properties. Under the load of high-speed rotation and rocking motion, the impact load is up to40MPaIt shows excellent flexibility and is the first choice for medium and low speed operation machinery. 


Product Name: Copper axle bush of coal machine 

Material brand:ZQSn6-6-3

Casting mode: centrifugal casting 

Product types: Copper axle bush of coal machine, wear-resistant copper bearing bush 


Material name: Casting6-6-3Tin bronze 

Brand name:ZQSn6Zn6Pb3

Standard:GB/T 1176-1987

Chemical composition: 

Copper Cu: the rest

Sn: 5.0-7.0 Zn: 5.0-7.0 Pb: 2.0-4.0

Phosphorus P: less than 0.05 (impurity)

Ni: < 2.5 (excluding impurities) Al: < 0.01 (impurities) Fe: < 0.3 (impurities)

Si: < 0.01 (impurity) Sb: < 0.25 (impurity)

Sulfur S: less than 0.10 (impurity) injection: the sum of impurities is less than 1

Mechanical properties: 

tensile strengthSigma B (MPa)More than 200Yield strengthSigma (MPa)More than 100elongationDelta 5 (%)More than 6hardness More than 635HB (reference value)

Heat treatment specification: heating temperatureOne thousand and two hundredOne thousand two hundred and fiftyCentigrade; pouring temperatureOne thousand one hundred and fiftyOne thousand and two hundredCentigrade. 

Casting method: centrifugal metal casting

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