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​Large wear-resistant copper sleeve

Category: Copper sleeve for mining machinery




Large wear-resistant copper sleeve, corrosion-resistant copper sleeve, environmentally friendly recyclable copper sleeve. Using excellent electrolytic copper as matrix, tin ingot, lead ingot and zinc ingot were mixed to form high wear-resistant copper alloy with good casting performance and air tightness. Working under high load and medium sliding speed, it shows high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and self-lubrication performance, and is the first choice for medium and high speed running machinery. 


Product Name: Simons copper fittings combinationMaterial brand:

ZQSn5-5-5Casting mode: centrifugal casting

Product category: large copper sleeve, 

Wear-resistant copper parts. Material name: cast copper alloy 


●5-5-5Lead tin bronzeBrand name: 


●GB/T 1176-1987Chemical composition:


 Cu The rest 




P:Less than 0.05 (impurity)

Ni:Less than 2.5 (Not included in the sum of impurities)

Al:Less than 0.01 (impurity)

Fe:Less than 0.3 (impurity)

Si:Less than 0.01 (impurity)

Sb:Less than 0.25 (impurity)

S:Less than 0.10 (impurity)Note: sum of impuritiesLess than 1

●Mechanical properties: 

tensile strengthSigma B (MPa):More than 200

Yield strengthSigma (MPa):More than 90elongationDelta 5 (%):More than 13hardness :More than 590HB (reference value)

●Heat treatment specification: heating temperatureOne thousand one hundred and eighty-eight~One thousand two hundred and twentyCentigrade; pouring temperatureOne thousand one hundred and fifty~One thousand and two hundredCentigrade. 

●Casting methods: sand casting and metal casting 

apply Crusher Model and specification field


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