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Wear-resistant copper nut, environmental recyclable copper nut. Using excellent electrolytic copper as matrix, tin ingot and lead ingot are mixed according to the national standard proportion to form high wear-resistant self-lubricating copper alloy material. In the absence of lubricants and water lubricants, it exhibits excellent sliding and self-lubricating properties. Under the load of high-speed rotation and rocking motion, the impact load is up to40MPaIt shows excellent flexibility and is the first choice for medium and low speed operation machinery. 


Product Name: copper nut 

Material brand:ZQSn6-6-3

Casting mode: centrifugal casting 

Types of Products: Wear-resistant Copper Nuts, Hard Copper Nuts 


Material name: Casting6-6-3Tin bronze 

Brand name:ZQSn6Zn6Pb3

Standard:GB/T 1176-1987

Chemical composition: 

Copper Cu: the rest

Sn: 5.0-7.0 Zn: 5.0-7.0 Pb: 2.0-4.0

Phosphorus P: less than 0.05 (impurity)

Ni: < 2.5 (excluding impurities) Al: < 0.01 (impurities) Fe: < 0.3 (impurities)

Si: < 0.01 (impurity) Sb: < 0.25 (impurity)

Sulfur S: less than 0.10 (impurity) injection: the sum of impurities is less than 1

Mechanical properties: 

tensile strengthSigma B (MPa)More than 200Yield strengthSigma (MPa)More than 100elongationDelta 5 (%)More than 6hardness More than 635HB (reference value)

Heat treatment specification: heating temperatureOne thousand and two hundredOne thousand two hundred and fiftyCentigrade; pouring temperatureOne thousand one hundred and fiftyOne thousand and two hundredCentigrade. 

Casting method: centrifugal metal casting

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